Frédéric Brouca Champs Pentus Faugères

When I first tasted this wine a few years ago, I thought it was delicious but I was thoroughly confused about where the damn thing was made. I was eating at one of my favorite restaurants, and it was suggested that I try a glass of this wine. It is from Faugères the server said as she presented me with the bottle for review. I knew it was from France but where exactly was less clear. The wine was bright but also ripe, peppery, concentrated and even a little funky. Turns out Faugères is in the south of France in the Languedoc, a region I have even visited, but somehow had not heard of this AOC.


When it comes to this winery, there is also a Canadian connection. Frederic Brouca, although originally from France, married a Canadian and spent considerable time in Ottawa (at the time of writing I am not sure if he is still a resident there or not). In any case, I am confident this Canadian connection is part of the reason this small French producer has had such an impact on the Canadian wine scene.

As for the wine, it is low-intervention with minimal sulfur. The picking is done with precision, and often early to ensure freshness in the wine. Native yeasts, neutral oak, hand harvesting and gravity fed winemaking all contribute to the freshness, funk and impeccable taste of this terroir driven single-vineyard “Champs Pentus” GSM blend.

The wine is dry and medium-bodied with blueberry, dark plum, raspberry, pepper, game meat, thyme and lavender. An intoxicating and aromatic nose along with medium + acidity, medium tannins and a medium + finish. Moreish and complex all at the same time, this wine to me is a home run. To date this is the only Frédéric Brouca wine that I have had, albeit a few times. However, I would love to try more of his wines and more wines from Faugères in general.


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