2017 Le Petit Chat Malin

I would love to be able to drink amazing wines like velvety Burgundy, floral Barolo and peppery Northern Rhône Syrah on a daily, or even weekly basis. This is the dream, but for right now it’s not in the cards.

Sure, I drink some nice wines at tastings and open the occasional celebratory bottle, but for the most part I look for affordable, fresh and food-friendly wines that I can drink and share with friends and family. This is one of those wines.

For me The Petit Chat Malin series, loosely translated as the “cunning little cat” provides that easy-going laid back drinking experience that I’m so often looking for. The fun label and write-up caught everyone’s attention at the dinner table, while enjoying a family meal of pizza and garlic fingers. We opted for the red wine, which went very well with the pizza.


The 2017 Le Petit Malin Rouge was our favorite, it had juicy red berry fruits with some baking spice and something a little herbaceous. The wine was velvety with only a slight grip to the tannins and enough acidity to carry the wine. At just over $15 CAD this is comparable in quality and taste to many of the Cotes-du-Rhône offerings available, and for several dollars less.

The white on the other hand was crisp with lemon, peach and some freshly cut grass. This was drank after the fact, but next time I think I’ll pair it with a strawberry and goat cheese spinach salad, which will make food and wine here shine!

If you’re looking for a great value “weeknight” wine this could be for you!

Cheers, Ben


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