2017 Meyer Pinot Noir

The wines of British Columbia, Canada have in my experience generally focused on bigger bolder Bordeaux style blends but given the various microclimates of the Okanagan Valley there is also plenty of Pinot to go around. As the picture here clearly indicates this is from 3 separate sights and is blended together to reach a final balanced wine.


For those not familiar with the wines of British Columbia there are three major viticultural areas but the Okanagan Valley is by far the biggest. At almost 5 times as many wineries as any other region, the valley is home to 182 of a possible 274 grape-producing wineries.  It’s no surprise that this is where the provinces most ambitious wines are crafted.

This particular wine is the entry-level for Meyer and can be had for $25-$35 depending on location and for $23 when buying direct at the winery. While it’s a nice Pinot that showcases what is possible in the region, it pales in comparison to the wineries single vineyard Old Block Pinot and Mclean Creek Rd. Pinot which showcase more depth, fruit concentration and ageability. They also have a recently released Micro Cuvee, which I can only imagine is as good or better as the two single vineyard options. -8532722287925201567_IMG_9216

This has crunchy red fruits -currants, raspberries, cranberries – along with light baking spice, herbs and earthy notes. The wine finds balance between ripeness and crunchy fruits. A slight grip to the tannins is welcomed and there’s just enough acidity to hold the wine together. The fruit seems slightly muted here and a little more acidity would be welcomed but this is nice for an entry-level Pinot. I would drink again but if I was you would splurge for the Mclean Creek Rd. offering if your budget allows.

Have you had a wine from British Columbia? What was it? I’d love to hear your thoughts.



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