2009 Martin Tesch Laubenheimer Karthauser Riesling

Just a quick post for this evening as I’m doing some wine study. I happened upon this bottle of Riesling at a wine store I don’t usually frequent and it was the last one on the shelf. It was also at the alarmingly good price of $13, so I had to pick it up. Knowing the producer and having thoroughly enjoyed Tesch’s Deep Blue offering, which is a white wine made from Pinot Noir (red fruit) it was an easy choice. All Tesch’s Rieslings are dry instead of sweet and have been this way for 15 years, his decision to do this in the Nahe at the time was radical. Tesch has seemingly gone against the grain and this has definitely worked for him. These wines are delicious, complex and affordable. The fact this wine is from the 2009 vintage is also something to be excited about as this was anexcellent vintage for Germany and it shows in the wine. IMG_1823

This wine has delicious citrus blossom, lemon and a wet stale minerality. A petrol quality is also starting to show itself but is faint at this time (the wine was fairly chilled and showed itself a bit more once reaching a higher temperature). The lemon and minerality is once again what hits you on the palate but there’s also quince, peach and an effervescent quality that act to make this wine even more refreshing. Medium intensity with pale lemon moving to gold at the edges. This wine is developing but still has life left it is dry, has medium + acidity, medium alcohol, medium body, medium + flavour intensity and a medium to medium + finish. It’s certainly ready to drink now but further aging for a few more years may provide more complexity as the high acidity in this wine, ensures that even at this stage there’s still lots of life left. If you’re a Riesling fan I would definitely encourage you to check out Martin Tesch’s wines. Truly delicious and contemplative.

Enjoyed a good Riesling lately? I’d love to know what Riesling’s you like to drink!



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